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Meet Our Team

Dr. Ashleigh Fox Edmonson, D.C.


“I’ve come to appreciate the incredible healing power that the human body possesses… especially found in the young body of a child.”

As a second-generation DC, she has witnessed the many ways an adjustment can help heal and optimize a person’s health for all her life. Now she dedicates her life to share these same benefits to her family, friends and neighbors.

With a concentration and certification in the care of children and pregnant women, she stands ready to serve anyone looking for natural, holistic answers to regaining health AND maintaining a high level of health.

Married to Alex Edmonson, he is the owner of Thrive Fitness, a fitness center in Gardendale.

Dr. Melvin (Richard) Edgil, D.C.


Growing up in Mississippi the son of a chiropractor, Dr. Edgil learned the satisfaction of service mankind watching his father bring chiropractic to the world. He went on to become a flight engineer before finally returning to the practice of chiropractic.

“Having uncountable experiences of chiropractic healing, I’ve have grown to appreciate how chiropractic wellness care can help in many cases of difficult health challenges, especially with people afflicted with all forms of cancer,” says Dr. Richard.

Married to Tanya and the father of two children, he is deeply dedicated to his church and faith community.

Dr. James (Jim) Fox, D.C.

Founder and Owner

After 35+ years of full-time patient care, Dr. Fox has transitioned to part-time care in order to concentrate on leading the growth and development of the Chiropractic Oasis Group across the State of Alabama.

“The people of Alabama are moving toward more holistic healthcare options for themselves and their families. Chiropractic is a primary leader in this title wave movement in the healthcare market.”

Married to Christy, father to Dr. Ashleigh Edmonson, Dr. Fox is intensely interested in the role faith plays in healing and wellness.

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

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